The Quickest & Easiest Way To Start Jewellery Business Online

PWC studies say, the domestic gem & jewellery market roughly evaluation 1.2 lacks crores, out of which only 1% sold online. You can assume the online competition. it is the right time to start jewellery business online. 

Before starting an online jewellery business you need to be aware of the market statistics that will guide your business in the right direction.

All big jewellery brands shift their business from traditional to digital because India and China are the biggest players to consume gold and only a few jewellers are take benefit of these opportunities.

If you start jewellery business online, you have competitive advantages where many jewellers take benefit from a 10% market & you will acquire a 90% market that will attract high-paying customers.

Most jewelers want to open a new store every year but don’t aware of starting an online jewelry store and its benefits.

In traditional marketing, many competitors are open their jewelry shops near you and they also attract your customer who wants to buy jewellery.

You don’t know the right marketing skill, strategy & concept and you have limited customers that give you limited growth.

Therefore, here we will guide you step by step that helps to start a jewellery business online.

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Do Market Research for starting an online jewelry store

start jewellery business online

One thing you should keep in mind before starting an online jewellery business that is marketing research. Marketing is the process to know more about your audience that helps to understand their problem in detail.

We give you an example below in detail about buyer persona but try to understand their importance. 

If you know about your customer challenge and pain points, you can easily focus what their exact problem and you can solve it.

With the help of online surveys or by hiring a marketing research company, you can get the right solution.

This market research help to know more about your target audience,


  • name
  • age,
  • interest, 
  • location, 
  • personal goals, 
  • professional goals, 
  • paint point and challenge etc.

When you understand your target audience you can easily attract those customers to your shop.

Keywords Research For start jewellery business online

 starting an online jewelry business

Now we talk about the next point that will help to understand the query of your audience. Because your audience doesn’t know about their problem. They start to feel the symptoms of their problem, they write it into google or different search engine that help to know more about in detail.

Therefore, you try to understand your audience’s problem but you need to share information only about the problem and its solution by keywords research. Keywords research gives the list of keywords that are demanded in search engines for results.

Which is the right platform to use for keywords research?

1) Google keywords planner (Our recommended)

2) Ahrefs

3) SEMRush

4) Keyword Revealer

The next points are very important for starting an online jewelry store.

Content Calendar that helps to publish content timely.

 starting an online jewelry store

You don’t believe us that every successful online marketer publishes their content from time to time and also manages content quality for their audience. therefore you need to understand the power of a content calendar specially if you work on your project.

How content calendar will work to starting an online jewelry business?

With the help of a content calendar, you make a list of heading and titles of a post that you will publish shortly like after 2-3 days. Therefore it has already completed 60% task at the beginning of posts and other 40% task is writing, editing & optimization, and publishing that will left.

Don’t underestimate the strength of the content calendar.

Okay, now we proceed to the next point which is the website and its strategy.

We have already written a blog post on how to start jewellery business online strategy for beginner   please read this blog that guides you on what you need before start jewellery business online and its marketing steps.

How to Create A Website For Your Business

how to start a handmade jewelry business online

Before you make a website you need to invest in two things 

1) Domain Name

2) Hosting (Godaddy hosting recommended) 

What is Domain Name

A domain is simply the name of your website or it can be your business name that will search online. (For example,,, and, etc.) We hope you understand the domain name.

What is hosting

Hosting is a server place where you keep all data online or buy storage for your business where people search on the internet.

Suppose if you keep all data into your pc then nobody can access it and you can’t run 24hr of your CPU, right. Therefore Hosting is a place where you buy a CPU that is running all the time and keep your site available for your audience.

Hosting gives full control to you that you can hide or show the important info to your audience.

Now we regard you buy both of these things.

Okay, connect and install a template that is suited for your business. 

Where you can install your business template that provide absolutely free of cost?

Wp Astra, yes this site makes many free themes for different businesses or you can customize according to your requirement and they give many features that you can use to start jewellery business online.

You can also purchase themes into different places like envanto and


After installing the template into your website, you need to do marketing. We have already written a blog on types of digital marketing that help to start a jewellery business online. Click here to read.

Starting an online jewelry store by social media marketing  

start jewellery business online

Social Media Marketing plays a very important role in digital marketing for jewellery because most of the users engage with different social media channels with different content and it is the right place to attract customers to your products.

You can showcase your products to your audience directly by using groups, connections, or using other effective methods. based on their interest also you can deeply understand about your audience and can recommend the best product that suitable for them.

With the right creatives and engaging content, people can quickly engage with your product and services also you might send personalized request messages to invite your relative to like pages and post. You know, most interesting things will happen when you regularly post content for your audience without delay then you feel to spread your post on large scale.

Start jewellery business online with advertisement

starting an online jewelry business

It is our favorite part because it gives the desired result in a short period and as a marketer agency our strenth is target to the right audience with the right content.

Therefore, when you run an advertisement jewellery business then one thing you need to keep in mind is that always offer that product or service which solves their pain point or challenges. I have already told you at the top of the article about the buyer’s persona that will give detailed information about your customer.

Two things help a lot in an advertisement, one thing is targeting your audience and 2 offer the right solution.

How will you understand the marketing budget? Most people are unable to calculate the right marketing budget for advertisement. 

One simple method you should know. If you want 10 sales, you need 100 filled contact forms and 1000 clicks.

Like this, 1000 clicks –> 100 people fill the form –> only 10 people willing to buy.

This simple method works in every business on their customer.

SEO Search engine Optimization for rank on the Google

First, you need to know a little bit about SEO and how its works.

For honest, it takes time much time at least 3-4 months to rank your website on the first page of Google. Therefore you need to keep patience and work regularly without absence. It takes lots of hard and smart work to gain a good position on google. When you start working SEO for your site then a few factors and types are matter that creates the best strategy for a site.

SEO Divided into three parts.

1) On-Page SEO

2) OFF-Page SEO

3) Technical SEO

In On-Page SEO, You need to work on an individual page or post that makes it good for the user and also for search engine bots or Crawler.

In Off-Page SEO, you need to promote your site by linking to other sites like article submission, image, ppt, pdf, infographics, and video, etc. that help to spread your product and services.

In technical SEO, if you do technical SEO of your site then your action will affect the whole website like site speed.

Please read this blog for more info about SEO

Conclusion:- If you want to start jewellery business online then there are multiple options or opportunities are open for you. only you need to choose the best option that you can easily try for your desire result. Nowadays, competition is very low in the online world for starting an online jewelry business so take action before your competitors. 

If you searching for a digital marketer for an online jewellery business who helps to boost your business and also manage & maintain the brand’s reputation then we have the best solution for you. Our expert marketer is always eager to help your business that gives your desire results at a cost-effective price. Just give us a call or contact us now!

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