Start Jewellery Business Online That Wins Customers

Start Jewellery Business Online That Wins Customers

If you don’t know how to do an online jewellery business, then you don’t need to worry. This blog post will give a detailed guide and information on successfully start jewellery business online. After reading this whole post, you will be able to build your own company.

Nowadays, many people want to increase their jewellery selling online, but they don’t know where & how to do online jewellery business. You are not alone to face this challenge; others face the same challenge as you. You need to do two things; one is patients, and the second is motivation because if you learn the skills and promote your business, you can’t hold in the long term without motivation.

Start jewellery business online is a great way with a website because today is very low competition, but you will feel tough to promote in the coming few years. If you want to gain a significant market share in this industry, you need to take action before your competitor.

If you are unsure about start jewellery business online, you are at the right place that helps you step by step to achieve your desire goal.

Here we give you all steps that cover in this post where you start implementation and get benefits.

1) Think of your unique brand name that is related to your jewellery business.

2) Define the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your jewellery business.

3) Fine wholesaler and distribution marketplace.

4) Calculate your pricing for your product

5) Create your website for your client

6) Build marketing strategies 

7) Manage everything

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Think of your unique brand name that is related to your jewellery business.

start jewellery business online

Choosing a unique brand name for your blog is not easy; you need to brainstorm on your company name. First, you should understand the value of a company for the owner. The name should easily represent your product and services; it can be easy to remember and keep short. The most important thing is to pronounce it easily. 

It is an emotional decision for every business owner for their brand, so if you choose the right domain name for your business, then the brand name also drives you. Before start jewellery business online, find your name and see all factors that help you choose the best one.

Someone choose the brand name which contains a keyword for service, but we will suggest you don’t choose; it doesn’t work a lot. Yes, your home page can rank a little bit, but many pages will be paralyzed. 

Therefore, instead of focus keywords, choose a unique brand name that is easy to remember, pronounce, spell and be short. 

You can also choose your personal name like many jewellers put their business names, such as CS Chandra and PC Chandra Jewellers, etc. 

If you see all things before choosing a brand name, you will highly likely select the best one. 

Now, don’t forget to register your jewellery business like licences, permits, and taxes for business.

Define the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your jewellery business.

starting an online jewelry store

Every product & service has USP ( Unique Selling Proposition ), so when you show the customer your product and services, you need to show your valuable things that attract customer attention. 

Customers mainly focus on value, not on the features of a product.

Like pricing, quality, long-lasting, time-bound, delivery etc., there are the examples only; you need to identify the best USP of your product before start jewellery business online.

If you figure out your unique selling proposition, then you will get more. Every successful business company has known the USP of its product and markets its USP aggressively. 

This is the magic of USP that you need to understand. Anyone can start jewellery business online, but only a few can identify their USP. Most business owners don’t know about the USP or ignore its importance.

Now, we come to the part of the logo and brand design. We hope you already choose the right domain name for your business. If not then don’t worry. You have two options here: to design your logo by yourself or hire some to make your logo design. Suppose you have an interest in graphics design, then it will be a great deal for you. But if you have lack of knowledge or experience in design, it can be hard for you.

Canva is our favourite tool to generate logos or post designs for our business, and they offer many different types of logos. With the help of this, you can create a unique logo by using a little bit of creativity.

Before starting your logo design, you can go on freepik to get inspiration about different logo designs. After that, you can get a great result.

Or if you have no time for it, then don’t worry. You can hire a logo designer that will make your logo at an affordable price. Go on fiver and hire a designer according to your budget. Someone will take your logo project and complete it at a reasonable price. So don’t need to hesitate.

Before start jewellery business online, you should also think about your business colors & fonts, provide that colors to your logo designer for creating. The logo will make your business more professional. 

You can design your business card and logo with the help of Canva.

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Fine wholesaler and distribution marketplace

how to start an online jewelry store

Here it would help if you found out your strength and weakness about your production task. If you have no knowledge and experience about the financial side of your jewellery business. Then you can hire an accountant that will give you financial data that help you to understand easily. If you don’t know how to design jewellery, you are not willing to learn, then you can hire a jewellery designer or purchase wholesale readymade jewellery. 

Hire a domestic supplier who can quickly deliver the products to your customer in less time, with low prices, and quickly build a relationship.

If you hire an international supplier, so you need to manage products, delivery, and all things.

You have two options to deliver jewellery products to your customers. First, you can buy the product from the manufacturer in advance and store it in your place when someone orders, then you can send it on the spot.

The second option is to use drop shipping methods where any buyer order from your site then manufacturer directly deliver this product to your customer, and you don’t need to get any tension or pressure for delivery. Your manufacture already created this system. It eliminating extra capital and saving money, energy, and time. At the point of sale, customers get high-quality & fast shipping services from the supplier. So there are two options available for you, and you should study both the methods and see which one is perfect for you. 

Calculate your pricing for your product

how to start selling jewelry online

It is an essential part of the pricing of your jewellery products, and it can be a challenging task to decide the number, which should not be too high or too low. Your buyer’s persons should be very clear about where is your target customer. I have already written how to identify or know your target audience. Click here to read. If you target the right audience who can pay a good amount of money for jewellery, it will be the best deal. How to identify your target audience is the main challenge, so read the above blog carefully.

When you decide the pricing of your product, it is essential to know the cost of materials. If low-quality materials like man-made glass or gold-toned material will give a low price, high-quality materials will be higher. 

When you sell your products, make sure you calculate the cost of everything like your effort, time, marketing price, etc. You don’t need to undervalue your time. Ultimately, it would help if you focused on profit before start jewellery business online.

Whenever you calculate the price of your product, don’t focus on your competitor pricing; otherwise, you never get more benefits always on your investment and set the price of each product.

Create your website for your Customers

how to do online jewellery business

Website is a crucial factor, or you can say main factors where you showcase your products and get an order. One common thing you should keep in mind is that if you go to a store for some product, you buy the product and feel an experience in their store. In such a way, you need to create a website that gives your user a great experience, called UX ( User Experience). 

And UI (User Interface) means anyone can access the website from any device without any problem or website make for all devices where user can access. 

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In this guide, you will get a brief knowledge of website creation and marketing in all aspects that is very important to start jewellery business online. Nowadays, anyone can make a website very quickly. Only the problem is to get rank, and if you want to achieve that rank, please read the above blog carefully and implement all those things; otherwise, it can’t work.

For a website, you need a domain name and hosting. A domain name is the website’s name that you need to purchase, like,,, etc. Few sites that provide in the domain at a very low price with Godaddy you can purchase with high discount by your credit card.

We talk about hosting; it is simply data stored in an online service where users can easily access your site. You can’t run your pc 24*7, so hosting companies provide a CPU for your site that works for you all the time and make it available for all.

For starters, you should use shared hosting where many users are connected to one CPU, but it works nicely for the beginning website. If your website gets sales, you can upgrade.

The first four months will take time to rank on Google at the top, so you choose the shared hosting.

Now, domain and hosting will come with a template or theme that looks like your site. For e-commerce, you can go with the Astra template, which is a free and mobile-friendly site. If you know a little bit of elementor, then your work will be easy. 

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Build marketing strategies 

digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand

it is not a big term “marketing strategies”. You can use simple strategies for your business that educate your audience, make your brand visible as much as possible, and engage with your customer. Every day implements a simple process with patience then you will start to achieve results. 

You don’t need to become a master of digital marketing to attract customers to your product & service. Digital marketing strategies only help to attract more customers to your website. Many factors and activities are present virtually in the online world that help in digital marketing for jewellery.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to attract customers and drive more traffic to your website that help to convert step by step into a loyal customer. 

If you provide that type of content that customers want to see, customers easily interact with your jewellery brand. 

Your customer already uses these channels, which is a great opportunity. Only you need to spread your presence on this platform with valuable content that creates brand loyalty. If you go with a paid advertisement for your target customer, you can get your result faster, but it is another strategy. 

There are various ways available to market your jewellery business besides social media. You can create a video for a youtube channel, writing a blog post for your jewellery digital marketing, hiring influencers to promote your jewellery products, and using email to update your products and their sales.

Always make a strategy according to your buyer’s persona, creating a vast difference between you and your competitors. 

Apply & Manage everything

jewellery branding agency

Your success depends on your marketing budget and also the right strategy and patience. Very few entrepreneurs have made millions of dollars in a short time, but you need to keep patience at the beginning and gradually work on your business process. Make key performance indicators or KPIs that help to measure the success of your jewellery business. 

First, you create a goal and then look at different categories of KPIs like customers, financial, sales, and marketing to see your progress towards your goal.

Evaluate your jewellery business with the help of monthly website traffic, average order total, order fulfilment, the number of the total customer obtained, and profit.

Make well-defined KPIs for your business that will be easily measurable, and if you copy other’s business KPIs, you can’t measure your business correctly. 

Start marketing research of your business for buyer’s persona for your business because it will help understand your customer’s taste. If you run your businesses according to your customer feedback, you can do it quickly.

Here are few tips for you

1) Develop your mindset as an entrepreneur and enjoy all tasks that help to run your business.

2) Build your team that help to spread your brand

3) During business, you will make lots of mistakes, but you need to learn from them

4) continue to make a small goal and try to achieve

5) Gradually improve your business

Conclusion : 

You need to develop an entrepreneur mindset, keep self-motivated, don’t be afraid to take a risk, and hard work with patience. Make a checklist when you start jewellery business online and give a reward to yourself when you achieve your goal, no matter small or big. 

Choose your domain name, select the right hosting for your business and develop a website that helps to attract customer attention. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that help to gain more visibility in front of your audience and a higher chance they will show interest in your products. In this journey, you need to learn many skills. One successful person needs at least three skills for success: operational, marketing, and selling skills. Please know all these skills and implement them. We hope this info will help you to make your company successful.

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