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How To Start Jewellery Business Online Strategies For Beginners

Are you want to know how to start jewellery business online? If yes, you are at the right place; we give you reasons why and how to start jewellery business online.

  • 1.79 billion people something bought online last year.
  • 48% of customers who purchase products online are female.
  • 88% of all online shoppers perform online research before purchasing a product.
  • 75% of customers expect an online solution within 5 minutes. (

All this data says if your business is present online, you will get more benefits than traditional. Most jewellers ignore the power of online marketing or digital marketing.

These are nice ideas for you if you think your store should open every year and gain more customers, increasing revenue.

But the problem is you are doing business in a limited space with a regular customer base to generate limited revenue.

You are not positioned your business where the high-paying customer is waiting for you. Your area is limited, and you have an unreasonable customer where you can’t generate more revenue because your competitor also attracts the same customer.

Now, I want to ask you a question. How will you attract more customers to your shop?

There is huge potential for jewellers in the online world. You can see below only 10% has been covered by the market, and 90% of opportunities are left.

Digital Marketing For Jewellery, Jewellery branding agency,

The number of online buyers

In India, 20% of people shop online, which will reach 50% in 2026, and 69% are online shopping in the USA.

Online jewellery buyers

The growth of online jewellery buyers depends on how many jewellers selling online. Jewellers attract customers with discounts & offers and generate trust through reviews and ratings that play a significant role. If jewellers provide detailed descriptions about the product, quality images, and video, etc. will increase the number of online buyers.

Online jewellery buyers frequency & transaction

purchase behaviour of buyers depends on the online buying experience that jewellers deliver. The key points are timely delivery and customer service experience. Furthermore, promotion, variety, and a large product variety will increase the repetition of jewellery purchases.

Size of Online Jewellery transaction

 At the initial, buyers will shop low ticket jewellery items, depending on the buyer’s experience in the past. After purchasing few products, they will feel more comfortable and confident to buy high ticket jewellery products.

Jewellers have two types of an option nowadays. You can make a static website or e-commerce website for your jewellery business.

In this blog, we will explain in detail how to start a jewellery business online successfully.

A static website is a simple site like our website on which you are reading right now that has information about products and services, but you can’t purchase it online. If your customer only needs information, this site will be the best for your product and services.

But you can sell your product with complete details through technologies without you and your staff. Then you need to build an E-Commerce site. 

At the beginning of this blog, we have already told you how to start a jewellery business online, but you will also get the answer to how to start an online jewellery store. It will be your second store in the online world and increase revenue compared to an offline store.

You can see the big brands already make a business presence online and apply all marketing principles that enhance their brand awareness, generate trust and attract more customers.

Today, it is elementary for you how to start a jewellery business online that works for you and help to connect many customers.

Here, we share a step-by-step guide on how to grow your jewellery business online; we regard that you have select which type of site is best for your business, then now it’s come to the digital marketing process.

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              1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

how to start jewellery business online

First, you need to SEO your site; okay, let me explain, what is SEO? SEO is nothing but the process of ranking your website to the first page of Google. When your site gets rank on google, then visitors notice your site and solution. Suppose your site will be delivered the right solution to a particular problem to a specific group of people. In that case, your customer is automatically attracted to your site, and then Google will get a positive sign from your site.

How will you do SEO?

  • Keywords Research
how to start online jewellery business in India

It would be best if you did keywords research. Keywords are basically types of words that maximum people are searching on the internet for looking his solution. Therefore, if you find what your customers search on the internet related to jewellery products & services, you will need to understand the customer intent before they type the keywords on search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. 

And what they actually want, for example, want product information, want to buy or others aspect then it will help you to get best keywords for your business.

  • On-Page SEO Techniques
Digital marketing for jewellery

In this section, you need to optimize your website for better visibility on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), where search engines check. Is your site user-friendly? If you make a faster, user, and more search engine-friendly site, it will be a high chance your website ranks on the top, but wait, your task is not completed yet. Let see the other aspect.

  • Off-page SEO Techniques
how to grow jewellery business online

Here, you will promote your site on a different platform like business listing, classified, podcast, ppt, pdf, video, infographics sites where your audience and search engine regard that you have many networks and your site has authority.

  • Technical SEO Techniques 
how to start a small online jewelry business

It is a very important task, make sure your site should be technically well where search engines can easily understand every element of your site. after that, your site is eligible for rank on the top.

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      2) Social Media Marketing

Online social media marketing

Every user spent time on the internet on an average of 6hr and 36mints in India.

Every user spent time on the social media platform on an average of 2hr 25 minutes in India.

jewellery digital marketing

You can see the power of social media, and it is growing day by day. Everyone promotes his business into these platforms in different ways such as image, video, message, reels & ads, etc.

We are hundred per cent sure your customer already spent much time on a social media platform, consuming other content.

how to grow jewellery business online

Therefore, you need to make attractive & engaging content for them that holds your audience’s time, and you try to show more products with details. If they don’t buy your products right now, it’s okay. But it is very that they spent much time with the details of your products.

Analysis of your audience in which platform they spend much time. Prepare the content according to what your audience wants to consume. And leave that content timely where they already know about your timing. 

         3) Advertising

jewellery marketing campaigns, jewellery digital marketing campaigns, jewelry ad campaigns

When you use youtube for entertainment or information, you have noticed skiable ads where you have got a skip option after completing 5 seconds of ads. It is an advertisement. When you read a blog or visit some site that already shows many ads to you or is given the option to remove ads at the top right corner, you can visit here and see ads at the top.

There are many online ads where you can promote your products or services, such as Display advertising, PPC ads, native ads, video ads, social media ads, etc.

With the help of these ads, you can promote your products or services fast without making much effort on your website to gain organic rank on google. It helps to generate leads, spread brand awareness, and multiply your sales.

Conclusion:  Jewellery owners have many opportunities in the online world; if you start right now, you will become the fast mover in this race; otherwise, your competitor will take the benefits of these opportunities.

We have answered how to start a jewellery business online, follow all steps and make your site visible. 

We know you have many doubts in your mind about what to do, where to do it and when to do it, etc. Don’t worry; we will guide you step by step that helps to achieve your result fast.

If you are looking for a digital marketer for your online jewellery business who will work on behalf of your business and generate leads, attract customers, and increase sales. Then we have a great solution for you; our professional & highly qualified digital marketing team have deep down knowledge and expertise about the jewellery marketing industry who committed to growing your business to the next level. Just Contact our digital marketing strategies.

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