Email Marketing & Content Creation

Email marketing is the most effective method in digital marketing for jewellery that will grow your business to the next level without your presence. You can do every email in autopilot mode according to your funnel stage (awareness, consideration, and conversion step). Prepare your email and set with time.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great marketing platform solution or channel, a form of online marketing or digital marketing; If you are looking to use digital marketing for jewellery or jewellery branding agency, it helps promote your products or services more effectively. It can help make your customers up to date with offers and discounts by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. It also plays a significant role in your digital marketing for jewelry stores for lead generation, brand awareness, building a connection, or keeping customers engaged in different marketing emails.


Email marketing helps you build strong relationships with your audience while getting traffic through your blog, website, social media, or anywhere else. You can make your emails by identifying the demography of your target user, so try to send messages to those who can see most. It will help you a lot if you are searching for digital marketing for jewellery or looking for jewellery branding agency.

Process of Email Marketing

Step 1
Building Opt in Form
  • Use email sign up form Or Contact Form.
  • Use social media and paid strategy to grow the listing
  • Add new sign up form before email marketing
Step 2
Designing Proven And Custom Email Layouts
  • Analyze on which pages most user interact.
  • Hire a professional graphics designer for you building attractive email templates
  • Take a help of the past template where user fill the form.
Step 3
Custom Email Content Creation
  • Target to your audience and make valuable free content for them.
  • Giveaways and contest will increase the engagement
  • Write content that engage to your audience
Step 4
Email Campaign Tracking
  • Track delivery rates of your email
  • Track click through rates
  • Track web visit, sales, leads and conversion rate of each email
Step 5
Email Campaign Testing
  • Split testing of your subject lines
  • split testing with time and dates
  • Split testing with copy and offer
Step 6
Advance Strategy Use For Email Campaing
  • Run Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Retention email
  • Get result by your Campaign

FAQs For Choosing Email Marketing & Content Creation

Is email marketing Still Profitable?

Reports say that 66% of businesses use email marketing to communicate with leads or customers and promote their brands. According to a survey, 79% of business owners say email marketing is "important" or "very important." & 60% think their email marketing is "effective or very effective," while 26% of business owners say email is "ineffective" or "very ineffective."Email marketing is beneficial to connect personally with customers and target their objectives.

Why is email marketing so successful?

There are two parameters where you can measure your email marketing strategy, effective or ineffective, with open rates or click-through rates.Open rates—the average open rate of small businesses (65%) is between 11% and 50% The study says small businesses improve their click-through rates; 77% of their average email click-through rates are between 0% and 10%.

Does email marketing really work?

Email marketing is a more robust method to communicate with your customer in a personalized way. It has lots of advantages and potential to increase clicks or conversion with a well-planned strategy and good practice by successful digital marketing agencies; the result will be out there.

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